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Sky is the limit? Not for SIXT!
Rent. Share. Ride. Lease. SIXT is the leader in premium individual mobility with 20 million customers worldwide. Excited customers, passion in premium cars and outstanding service – it’s SIXT.

SIXT just launched world’s first comprehensive mobility platform that includes digital car rentals, car sharing and ride – that are all now integrated in one single app. Mobility is not just freedom – it’s SIXT.

Our numbers are taking off. 2.60 bn euro revenue and 238’000+ cars worldwide, 30 mn euro revenue and 6’300+ cars in Baltics. And we do not plan to stop! Here at SIXT, our motto is “Drive premium, pay economy”. It’s clear strategy to be #1 car rental and full-service leasing company in Baltics soon.

We love people who take action and show us how much horsepower they`ve got! Become a SIXT!

SIXT Lithuania is looking for its team:

Sixt Lithuania Vacancies