Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Sixt FAQs section aims to answer any of those questions you may have about the service we provide, whether it's a query about your booking or an explanation of our Sixt Loyalty & Bonus Cards we have it covered, please follow the links to find out the answers.

What kind of cars is it possible to rent in Lithuania?

How can I pay for car rental services?

How large is the deposit when renting a car in Lithuania?

Where can I find out about the amount of the deposit if I want to rent a car abroad?

In which Lithaunia cities is it possible to recieve SIXT rental cars?

What is the Meet&Greet service?

Can I travel abroad with the rental vehicle?

Is it possible to pick-up the car in Vilnius and drop it of in Tallinn or Riga?

Why choose an international car rental company?

Can I recieve a rental car at the office or at the home address?

Is it possible to rent a commercial van in Lithuania?

Where is the location of SIXT offices in Vilnius?

When is it the best time to make a car rental reservation?

What are the advantages of the corporate customer?

How can I contact SIXT Lithuania office?