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The Sixt van rental service offers new cargo van rental services for local and international transportation for both private persons and business clients.

Sixt cargo van rental provides cargo van rental services in Vilnius, Klaipeda and in other cities in Lithuania. New and well equipped Ford Transit Custom, Renault Master L3H2 cargo vans are available and are perfect for transporting both large and small cargo. Feel safe and comfortable on the road.

Choose the most suitable cargo van for you:

Ford Transit Custom L2H1 2.0 Tdi cargo van

Ford Transit Van rental | Sixt rent a car

Technical information:
3 seats, including the driver’s seat, 5 doors (the cargo compartment has sliding doors from both sides and back doors that can be fully opened). 

Size of the cargo compartment:
Height: 1.40 m
Width: 1.39 m
Length: 2.92 m
Load capacity: up to 890 kg

Renault Master L3H2 2.3 Tdi cargo van

Renault Master L3H2 | Van rental |Sixt rent a car

Technical information:
3 seats, including the driver’s seat, 5 doors (the cargo compartment has sliding doors from both sides and back doors that can be fully opened (up to 270 degrees)).

Height: 1.89 m
Width: 1.77 m
Length: 3.73 m
Back door sizes: 1.57 m x 1.82 m
Load capacity: up to 1300 kg

Recommendations for driving a cargo minibus:

  1. Cargo vans can be driven with a B category driving licence. Driving a cargo minibus is as simple as driving a regular car, however, there are a couple things for you to keep in mind.
  2. Check and compare the dimensions of the minibus and your cargo. Make sure that the cargo you plan to transport will fit in the minibus you have chosen.
  3. Keep in mind the load capacity. By doing so you will avoid renting a minibus that is too small for your cargo.
  4. Remember that rental cargo minibus models have sliding side doors - they will be convenient when loading and unloading your cargo.
  5. Before driving under a bridge or into an underground parking, make sure that the minibus does not exceed the allowed height. Make sure that you know the dimensions of the minibus before you start your journey.

Why truck rental?

  1. It’s convenient. A cargo van rent is perfect for transporting large or heavy cargo.
  2. Cost efficient. Rent a cargo van when moving to a new home or office. Avoid additional costs and stress by hiring a team of assistants.
  3. Spacious. Renting a relatively small cargo van is the best option for those, who perform repair work and organise special events. Sixt minibuses have enough space for materials and other objects that need to be transported.

SIXT cargo van rental is used by:

  1. Business clients whose own cargo van is being repaired or an additional transport is needed for a certain amount of time. A replacement car that is always available!
  2. Small companies. Besides moving and other personal transportation needs, cargo van rent is also suitable for a small company’s commercial transportation needs.
  3. Lithuanian companies that have businesses abroad, or whose activity is connected with countries like Norway, Sweden, Germany and other European countries.
  4. Self-employed persons. Sixt cargo van rental is also perfect for those who are self-employed or who have a small business. Cargo vans are used by plumbers, electricians, construction workers and others on a day-to-day basis.
  5. Photographers and other people who work in creative fields can use cargo vans to work on larger project.
  6. Marketing and event agencies, musicians and artists who transport equipment and requisites necessary for concerts and events.
  7. Service stations that provide their clients with a replacement car when their car is being repaired.
  8. Insurance companies that provide their clients replacement cars in accordance with their insurance contract.
  9. For private persons - in situations when the person is moving or transportation of large cargo from construction supply shops, such as K Senukai, Depo, Ikea and others is necessary.

Sixt van rental is the best choice for domestic and international transportation.

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